Story of a girl

They were walking hand in hand in the park. It was just a habbit in her eyes. She missed the freedom of being on her own and not having to think twice before doing what she wanted to. She thought that their relationship had become boring and monotonous She looked at him when he was looking the other way. He looked so happy, like he could rule the world with her on his side. The shine in his eyes made her heart hurt, he'd be so unhappy in just a minute. They stopped and sat down on a bench and she took his hand. "Look, this is not easy for me to tell you but I don't think that we are meant to be. I don't feel good doing this anymore" she said and tried to catch his eyes. He turned his face away, trying to hide the tears that showed up his eyes. Why was she breaking up with him? "I'm so sorry...." she said, let his hand go and walked away.
He didn't call her. She didn't hear a word from him for the next three months. Her life became empty and she started to miss his bright eyes and kind words. She tried to call him with no luck.

Six months passed by and one day when she was on her way home she saw him in the park. A girl she didn't know was by his side, holding his hand. In that moment she regretted. The little things, the gentle words, the simple kisses. All the things she took for granted when she had them. She missed him but now he was out of her reach.

"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

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