OK, today I will post my blog in English just for fun. Or no, it's not just for fun. Actually it's because I like writing in English, it sounds better, describes better and is just better for poetry than Danish is. Even though this is not poetry but just random stuff that's on my mind.

Today has been a grey, boring monday with rain, wind and nothing else than coldness. But even though it's such a bad wetter I've been fine today. I've laughed a lot actually, more than I'm used to do.

But when you are walking down the streets in my city you can feel than Cristmas in slightly getting closer and closer. The smell of roasted almonds, all the things with reindeers, snowflakes and Santa Claus on it and all the happy people walking around in the twilight. I'm always saying that I don't like Christmas and today I just noticed that I actually like Christmas time in December, I just don't like Christmas eve. I like baking cookies, singing Christmas songs and buying presents for my friends and family. I just don't like when it all gets too fake and plastic. I hate that Christmas now a day is all about getting as many presents as possible, eating candy all the time and stressing around to be ready for christmas eve. If I could choose we would have December where you could prepare a Christmas, eating great foods, give and have presents and then when it became the 23th of December it would just skip one day and become the 25th of December. Then Christmas is over, no stress, no plastic, nothing but having great times with the people you love.

So yes I like Christmas IN DECEMBER, but I hate Christmas eve.
Please don't make or buy any presents for me, I hate recieving present too.

Take Care.

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